Did You Know: RFID Labels

What Are RFID Labels? RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that allows wireless transmission of data between a reader and a chip via a small antenna. The chip has internal memory, where product data can be stored, modified, and transmitted to a database, such as a warehouse management software. RFID chips, also called inlays, […]

Did You Know: Opaque Labels

What Are Opaque Labels? Opaque labels, also known as blockout labels, cover underlying prints and designs. They feature high opacity and strong adhesion, providing a clean and professional appearance. Where Are They Used? Perfect for applications where complete coverage is required. Common uses include covering: Crane Consumables offers a wide variety of blockout labels. Choose […]

Did You Know: Sequential Barcodes

Sequential Barcodes at Crane Consumables What’s A Sequential Barcode? A sequential barcode is a barcode that contains a series of numbers or characters that are in a specific order. These barcodes are commonly used for inventory management, asset tracking, and product labeling purposes. Why Are They Used? Sequential barcodes improve your customers’ experience with: Frequently […]

All-Temperature vs. Freezer Adhesives

Choosing Cold Temp. Adhesives ☃️ As winter tightens its grip, the resilience of your labels becomes paramount. In this edition, we’re unraveling the intricacies of label adhesives, with a specific focus on two key options: All-Temp and Freezer-grade labels. Let’s explore when to deploy each, backed by real-world applications. The Power of All-Temp and Freezer-Grade […]